The Stories of Rowing

The following sections tell the stories of rowing for three distinct time periods.
Each one also has direct links to the appropriate time periods within the various galleries,
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Beginning of a Legacy   Whilst the Legacy Slept   The Legacy Continues

Beginning of a Legacy

Even before Canada was a country, rowing was a popular sport on the east coast. In Saint John, a few fisherman and a lighthouse keeper sparked an interest in the sport that would last for over 130 years.


Whilst the Legacy Slept

Beginning with the final defeat of the Paris Crew, and the outbreak of two World Wars, rowing became a low priority. Despite this, there was still an interest and some success.


The Legacy Continues

With the start of a new rowing club in Renforth, rowing came back to the region. In the first 30 years, many successful oarsmen and women have learned the technique required to win national and international recognition.