Activity Center

These activities have been created to stimulate interaction, memorization, and speaking skills. Some of the activities are to be done on-your-own while others were designed to be more interactive. The students will find connections between the activities and the different information packages. It would be helpful for the students to have read the information packages prior to participating in the activities; this would also enable a higher level of understanding of the subject.

A Little Variation of "Seven Up"
A game to familiarize students with famous rowers, while having a little fun at the same time.

Different Parts of a Rowing Shell
This activity will require you to draw a shell of the black board and name the different parts. We are including a printable version of the shell with corresponding blanks and arrows that the students can use as work sheets.

Rowing Vocabulary
Here is a list of vocabulary words and their definitions. The students can write a paragraph about rowing using these words. The list is available as a printable document with the directions written at the top.

Kennebecasis Rowing Club
The students can draw a picture of the clubhouse, by looking at the drawing we have included. They also can write a paragraph or journal entry using the facts we have provided them with.

The Kennebeccasis Monument
The students can learn about this monument, which is in Renforth, through facts, and pictures. Then the class can have a discussion about the other monuments in your own community.

Races in Renforth
The students can make a poster to advertise for the following races that took place in Renforth. Make sure they include the dates and the location!

Time Line Creation
They students will make a book with pictures about some of the events, which took place on the Kennebecasis River. They must make sure that the events are in the order they happened!

Rower Biographies
The students can pretend to be real rowers and interview eachother with this information.