The following groups have given us permission to use their materials in our collection:

  • CEDROM-Sni and Mr. Mlodeki, who hold the web publishing rights to most of the articles in our collection.
  • The Guardian, an England-based newspaper.
  • This Week in the Kennebecasis Valley, a local newspaper from the Renforth area.
  • The London Free Press
  • Time Capsule Photographic Studio
  • Beechwood Photography
  • TSN (The Sports Network), for letting us use parts of their coverage of the rowing competitions at the 2001 Canada Summer Games.
  • Global Television, for allowing us to use their footage of the unveiling of the portraits of the Paris Crew in uptown Saint John.
  • Gus, Karen, and their son Duncan Beattie, for their video of the 2001 Canada Summer Games.

We would also like to thank the following for giving us a helping hand during this project:

  • Mr. John Herron, Member of Parliament for Fundy-Royal
  • Kennebecasis Rowing and Canoe Club, with special thanks to Mr. Chris Flood, Mr. Wayne MacFarlane, Mr. Greg Zed, Ms. Tracey Fraser and the NB Canada Games 2001 Men's Rowing team for giving us access to the club, photographs, newspaper articles, letting us go for a ride in a coach boat, and for their general wealth of knowledge about the sport.
  • Mrs. Winchester, for her hospitality, generosity, and enthusiasm, and Edward Winchester, her son, for allowing us to interview him about his rowing career.
  • Mrs. Eileen Travis, for her inspiring recordings of the three poems now found in our audio gallery, and Mr. Darren White, for providing his technical expertise regarding digital audio recordings.

Special thanks to those groups who were an integral part of this project:

  • Rothesay High School, for allowing us to use their facilities.
  • The Town of Rothesay, the custodian of this project.
  • The Rothesay Living Museum, the contractor of this project.
  • Canada's Digital Collections, because without them this dream would never have become a reality.
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