Kennebecasis Rowing Club, October 19, 1977

Report on 1977 Regatta

by: Robert Hutchinson

Mr. Jack Stevens


Renforth Regatta Committee

Dear Mr. Chairman:

The following is the rowing club's report on the 1977 Renforth Regatta.

We were fortunate in having crews from Ontario, North Star, MicMac, Dalhousie University, and Fredericton compete in our regatta. All clubs represented themselves well and are looking forward to next year's regatta.

The Ontario people who were here for four days were particularly appreciative of the treatment received while in the Renforth area and Wes Curran, who was the head of the Ontario contingent, asked me to pass this along to the Regatta Committee.

The women competed again this year and their participation is encouraging the success of the regattas each succeeding year. Since we now have another new four and a new eight on the way plus the old four we had loaned to Fredericton, we will now be in a position to expand our ranks and encourage more people to participate in rowing either on a recreational or competitive level. The lack of boats and coaches has been our biggest problem in our four years of operation.

We would suggest that next year the Regatta Committee give serious consideration to holding the regatta in July rather than August. From the stand point of the rowing club any rowing that is done after the Canadian Henley and the Canadian Championship is a bit anticlimactic for our oarsmen. If all of our regattas are out of the way by the end of July, we can then use our rowers for instructing novice rowers during the month of August to help build the membership of the club.

On behalf of the rowing club we would like to thank all the members and workers of the Regatta Committee for their co-operation and assistance in making this another successful regatta.

Respectfully submitted,

Robert L. Hutchinson